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 Laptop LCD LED Screen repair: We can offer you a wide range of screen repair services. The problem is due to cracks in the screen due to physical damage, we will replace laptop screen for you. You can bring in any laptop of any brand or any make and we can guarantee you a great repair service. Cracked screen or black screens will never be a problem again. We have a wide consumer base and there are hundreds of clients who simply bring their old laptop to us and leave with a refurbished laptop with improved performance. All the laptop screen replacement is done in accordance to the make of your laptop.

We ensure that the new screen is fully compatible with your system and that you get to view the brightest and the best colors on your screen. Our expert LCD LED screen repair technicians will make sure the right LCD LED screen is selected and installed for your notebook model.

We are specialized in All Models for Laptop LCD / LED Screens Repair and Replacement:

We Repair Broken Or Defective Laptop Screens: We offer professional PC Laptop screen replacement with the most reasonable price. I use original brand new screen and offer one year warranty for the screen I installed. We have all common sizes screens in stock, 8.9″LED, 10.1″LED, 11.6″LED,  12.1″, 12.1″LED, 13.3″, 13.3LED, 14″, 14.0″LED, 14.1″LCD, 15.4″LCD, 15.4″LED, 15.6″, 15.6″LED, 16″, 17″, 17.3″LED, 18.4″…

Laptop display problems we can help with: Dull or dark display, Flickering screen, Cracked or damaged screen, Intermittant or No Display, Broken screen hinges, Broken LCD screen, Broken LED screen, Broken display bezel, Faulty LCD backlight inverter board, Any other display faultsWe handle all sorts of LCD / LED screen repair issues including LCD / LED screen replacement, back light issues, loose or cut wires and dimmed LCD / LED screens.
Laptop Store diagnose your computer problems at no extra cost or we can access your computer remotely for certain computer repair services such as Virus Removal, PC Maintenance, Networking issues and any other software related problems.

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